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I'm Camille; food lover, nutritionist, world traveler, wife & dog 'Mom' to 2 beautiful rescue pups.

If you are browsing this site, it means that you may be ready to take the fun & exciting leap into a healthy lifestyle using food & nutrition as a tool. Or maybe you L-O-V-E healthy eating, but lack the time to make wholesome meals for yourself. I get it! Life can be busy, and carving out time to make meals from scratch sometime seems like an impossible task. This is where I come in. Using my knowledge and experience as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Whole Food Chef, I seek out seasonaly, locally sourced ingredients to create menu items that are nutritious and, most importantly, delicious!

My meals are gluten free, refined-sugar free, and mostly dairy free. I do this not only to make them accessible to those with food intollerances (like myself), but because these are also common culprits that can cause bloating and digestive distress; something that many people experience frequently. One of the best parts of my job is hearing the positive impact eating VLN meals has on my clients. From increased energy, to decreases bloating, deeper sleeps, and renewed self-confidence. My personal commitment is to help fuel you to be your best self. I chose the name "Vibrant Life Nutrition" because I truly believe that a diet filled with food that excites your eyes, nourishes your body, and satisfies your soul is an integral part of living a healthy, vibrant life. Food is fuel, food is medicine, and food is also enjoyment!!

To me, part of a healthy lifestyle includes a healthy environment and great positive energy. With this, I've chosen to only use animal proteins which are free range and ethically sourced, along with packaging made out of renewable sugarcane that are recyclable & compostable, keeping the Earth a bit healthier too :)


My focus is on balanced, plant-strong & nutrient-dense foods to get the most nutritious 'bang for your buck'. I've been lucky enough to travel and experience a wide array of countries and cultures in my life. At 33 countries and counting, you'll see a lot of globally inspired dishes filled with lively flavors to transport your pallet. I'm a lover of pasta, pizza, and dessert, so don't be surprised to see these items on the menu...with a healthy twist! Life is too short to not enjoy good food, good company, and maybe a good glass of wine too ;)

So, without further adieu, welcome to VLN nutrition & meal prep! I cannot wait to start working with you!


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